Friday, 8 November 2013

2013 holiday adverts debut online

At one time, November meant the unveiling of dazzling holiday window displays in high street stores.

Now November also stands for holiday advert debuts. M&S is only one of many UK retailers revealing its holiday ads on multiple screens--TV, mobile, and beyond.

John Lewis is unveiling its 2013 holiday animated advert this weekend, as if you didn't know by seeing the Twitter hashtag #sleepingbear and the teaser ads leading up to the big event. Of course, John Lewis showed its advert online first. The official TV debut is during X Factor. 

Tesco is going all out for nostalgia, complete with a Rod Stewart soundtrack for its holiday advert.

Designer clothes are the stars of the Debenhams holiday advert this year, adding glamour to a heartwarming reunion story. The finale takes place on ice, just the right touch for a winter holiday feeling.

Marketing Week critiques what it calls the winner, the runners-up, the losers and the bizarre holiday ads here.