Monday, 20 February 2017

Who's marketing in China?

The Chinese market is large and its economic growth is outpacing that of many major markets worldwide. No wonder so many companies see China as a key market for goods and services. Four examples:
  • Reckitt Benckiser recently acquired the baby formula firm Mead Johnson with an eye towards selling more in China, now that the one-child policy has been changed and the birth rate is increasing. RB has marketed other brands in China, recognising the power of global brands that are already established.
  • Mattel, which owns Barbie and other toy brands, is working with Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba to research the local market and develop appropriate products. 'By combining Mattel's unmatched expertise in childhood learning and development with Alibaba's immense reach and unique consumer insights, our goal is to help parents in China raise children to be their personal best', says Mattel's CEO.
  • Shanghai Disney, opened in June 2016, expects to welcome 10 million visitors by the time it celebrates its first anniversary. Just as important, the strong attendance is helping the theme park race towards its break-even point and become profitable soon, banking on the high brand awareness of Disney characters and the entertainment experience of family fun.
  • The luxury watch brand Cartier markets in China by leveraging its connection with singer/actor Lu Han and through social media marketing. Celebrity spokespeople are credible and influential here, and world-class status-symbol brands are also coveted.