Thursday, 24 June 2010

What's in a name (brand)?

Five years after changing its corporate name to DSG, Dixons is taking back the familiar name that high-street shoppers remember. Meanwhile, Comet is refreshing its retail brand at a time when Best Buy, a leading US electronics retailer, is launching itself into the UK market.

What's in a name (brand)? In short, everything your marketing stands for, everything your customers can expect from you. Buyers use brands as short-cuts when they're choosing among alternatives in the marketplace. Therefore, marketers must be careful when they rebrand, to avoid disrupting the short-cut and confusing or annoying customers.

Sonic branding is gaining momentum as marketers link brands to snippets of music or other identifiable sounds. When customers hear that distinctive sound, they should be able to name the brand and, hopefully, respond with positive thoughts and feelings. Isn't that what a brand is all about?