Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Brands speak up about their values

Rolls Royce  (manufacturer of gas turbines, engines and more--but NOT the car brand) says its brand is 'trusted to deliver excellence':
  • Trust: can only be earned by the way we behave with customers, shareholders, partners and colleagues
  • Deliver: we develop long-term relationships with customers and we must deliver consistently on their behalf  
  • Excellence: a standard, our way of life, few companies can aim higher.
Bentley Motors (super-luxury car brand owned by Volkswagen), says its brand is 'a journey of powerful luxury':
  • For the brand, it represents the skills, passion and pride of our people. Their craftsmanship is evident throughout, right down to the initials carefully etched into the upholstery inside every car. An individual hallmark of absolute quality.
Jeep (SUV brand owned by Fiat) says its brand is 'iconic':
  • The iconic Jeep brand is recognized the world over — forever tied to freedom, capability and adventure. Every Jeep vehicle has a unique story to tell, with a rich heritage that links back to the original Willys MA. 
Burberry (luxury clothing brand) says its brand is 'quintessentially British' and reflects the firm's core values – Protect, Explore and Inspire:
  • Digital luxury positioning and the optimisation across innovative mediums of the trench coat, trademark check and Prorsum knight heritage icons make the brand purer, more compelling and more relevant globally, across genders and generations.