Thursday, 17 April 2014

350 million Creme Eggs in Cadbury's Easter Basket

Cadbury (now owned by Mondelez) is 190 years old, and still creating new products for Easter and every other occasion. During the period before Easter, Cadbury produces 350 million Creme Eggs at its Bournville factory, ready for Easter baskets and chocolate lovers. The Bournville plant is to be modernised soon, to increase efficiency and competitiveness. The plant also developed and now manufactures the Marvellous Creations chocolate bar, which accounted for £50 million of sales during 2013.

Egg 'n' Spoon is another recent choco egg creation. The package includes purple spoons to scoop out the mousse filling from each egg. Research and development for this product at Bournville was supported by testing and analysis at Reading University.

New products are vitally important to the growth of Cadbury and its parent company: "In 2012, sales of products developed in the previous three years accounted for 12% of Mondelez Europe's revenue and 13% for the company worldwide," according to an executive. Variations of popular Cadbury products are contributing to growth by appealing to new customers and also encouraging loyal brand fans to try different Cadbury items.

Cadbury is, of course, highly social, with more than 500,000 Facebook likes and 198,000 Twitter followers.