Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Peppa Pig Goes Global

Peppa Pig, just 10 years old this year, has taken the preschool branding world by storm. Her animated TV series is produced in UK studios and shown worldwide. Peppa even has her own Royal Mail stamp and a theme park, Peppa Pig World, in Hampshire. Coming soon, Peppa's part of a theme park in Milan will be even larger as the brand becomes popular throughout Europe.

Peppa merchandise is a multimillion-pound business. In the UK alone, Peppa products account for £200m in revenue. Worldwide, Peppa products are worth £640m in revenue. This turnover includes revenue from a deal with Mattel's Fisher-Price toy unit.

From January, 2015, Peppa will be in Walmart stores, part of a deal by EntertainmentOne with Jazwares to expand the brand in the US market. Peppa also has new retail agreements in Paris and the French market, building on the brand's higher awareness and preference.

Watch for Peppa on TV, in stores, in theme parks, online, and wherever parents and grandparents are looking for a fun brand suitable for preschool boys and girls.