Saturday, 13 May 2017

Plan for brand power on social media

Drum reports that on social media, a NetBase study found the above five brands are the most loved by UK consumers, based on sentiment analysis of comments.

Notice how international this brand ranking is? All of these brands operate across national borders. Tesco has business operations in Central Europe and Asia, not just the UK.

But the important point about this most-loved brand ranking is how these brands are perceived among UK consumers. And clearly, they have favourable perceptions. Brand love enhances the brand power of these firms and may reinforce brand loyalty. The marketing plans of these five 'most loved' firms surely include detailed initiatives for social media interactions with customers.

Of course, many brands are increasingly savvy about social media. A brand can be smaller and more local and still be clever and engaging on social media.

For instance, take a look at the brands Hubspot says are 14 of the 'best brands on Instagram'. Brands that understand consumer behaviour can maintain customer interest and loyalty by planning to interact with their fans via all types of social media.