Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Marketing at the intersection of music, pop culture and home decorating

Pantone, known for insights into colour trends, just introduced a new colour of purple, shown above.

The name of the colour is a symbol: Love Symbol #2.

Do you recognise this iconic symbol and colour?

They're closely associated with Prince, whose Purple Rain album was recently reissued with new tracks. In fact, this particular purple was inspired by Prince's customized piano.

Now Pantone, partnering with Prince's estate, has introduced a standard version of Prince's favourite purple.

In marketing terms, this is a smart way to leverage consumer interest in music, pop culture and home decorating. Many consumers who grew up listening to Prince will know his love of purple. Whether they're painting a room or a chair or a piano, they can buy this exact purple.

Now that Prince's unique purple is an official Pantone colour, watch for a variety of new products featuring this colour, for decorating, for gift-giving, and more.