Friday, 2 February 2018

McDonald's is marketing convenience and more

And you thought fast food just had to be fast. That's not the only (or even the most important) benefit that McDonald's is marketing for competitive positioning in the hyper-competitive world of casual dining. With 37,000+ restaurants worldwide, the company is a powerful marketer and continues to innovate as part of its growth strategy.

In the UK market, McDonald's is now offering McDelivery. Via Uber, it will deliver meal orders to home or office, a service that has helped the company increase sales despite competition and other elements in the marketing environment. In fact, the company says orders for home delivery on 1/1/18 made that the busiest delivery day to date. Convenience is adding to the appeal of burgers, fries and other McD's menu items.

What else is McDonald's doing? It recently became a sponsor of the NatWest Six Nations rugby tournament, after ending its long-time Olympic sponsorship. The rugby sponsorship is being used to highlight upmarket burgers in its Signature Collection. These three burgers, featuring British and Irish beef, have new, trendy flavors compared with traditional McD's burgers. One is a BBQ burger, one is 'spicy' and one is 'classic' with smoked bacon, Cheddar cheese and a Brioche bun. So not only is convenience important, a menu with more variety--in tune with today's taste buds--makes a difference.