Saturday, 10 March 2018

Burberry's digital marketing powerhouse

Burberry, the venerable UK fashion brand, has remade itself as a digital marketing powerhouse in the past decade or more. Above, Burberry's Instagram statistics as of today. Yes, 11 million followers worldwide.

One key aspect is adding to the company's online availability without diluting its high-style image. In addition to Burberry's own digital channels for promotion and distribution, the company recently arranged multinational distribution through Farfetch, a UK luxury-goods retailer with a robust online platform.

However, Burberry said it's working closely with Farfetch to ensure 'a consistent and curated digital experience' for customers that view product images and description online. In other words, Burberry isn't simply providing products for resale--it's actively involved in marketing to affluent consumers through Farfetch.

Another key aspect is streaming fashion shows and adopting new social media tools quickly. Burberry was among the first high-end fashion brands to promote itself on Snapchat, for instance.

Burberry has also used artificial intelligence (AI) to support marketing of its Cat Lashes mascara on social media, particularly Pinterest. The brand has nearly 9 million Twitter followers and 17 million Facebook followers.

Watch for more digital marketing innovation as Burberry leverages its brand visibility and image to engage consumers around the world.