Thursday, 7 July 2011

TK Maxx: Big labels, small prices

TK Maxx in Rostock, Germany
TK Maxx advertises its appeal as: "Big labels, small prices". Who could miss this strap line and the red signature colour on a TK Maxx storefront (like this one I visited in Rostock, Germany)?

TK Maxx is owned by the US-based off-price retailer TJX, a 13 billion-pound business with more than 2,800 stores in 6 countries. In the US, its apparel stores operate under the TJ Maxx name; across the pond, its apparel stores operate under the TK Maxx name.

The company explains its off-price concept on a special How we do it Web page. Loyal customers know that a fashion in the store today might not be there tomorrow, so they must make quick buying decisions.

Of course the company has a Facebook presence, a Twitter account and a YouTube channel featuring its latest adverts.

With clothing prices on the rise due to higher materials and transportation costs, TK Maxx's discount formula is even more attractive to shoppers during these uncertain economic times.