Friday, 19 July 2013

Michelin rolls out more marketing

This post updates the Michelin case study in Chapter 3 of my newly published Essential Guide to Marketing Planning.

Michelin targets both consumers and businesses with products (tyres) and services (training truck and trailer drivers). Its 2014-5 marketing plan for growth aims to increase volumes by 4 to 4.5% through the use of innovation and technology 'to differentiate its products and services, so as to consolidate its leadership and effectively meet the needs of tyre users'.

Sustainability is an integral element of Michelin's plans. For example, its industrial division lets buyers and operators of earth-moving equipment know that 'our priorities are the same as yours: productivity, safety and environmental protection'.

Among Michelin's new initiatives for existing and new customers: A set of services designed to help truck and trailer fleet operators manage their costs. To deliver this valued benefit, Michelin will train drivers, install tyre pressure monitors and take other steps that will reduce costs in the long run. An interesting aspect of this offer is that Michelin and its fleet customers will share in the savings. If actual results fall short, Michelin will reimburse some expenses according to a specific formula.  

Michelin Group is also adding to its social media marketing, with online videos, Facebook posts, Twitter posts and more.