Wednesday, 23 October 2013

More top brands lists from around the world

According to the research firm Colmar Brunton, the top brands in New Zealand are mainly those with a long history in the country:

  1. Whittakers (chocolate)
  2. Tip Top (ice cream)
  3. All Black's (rugby)
  4. Cadbury (chocolate)
  5. Trade Me (online auctions)
  6. Air New Zealand (airline)
  7. Pineapple Lumps (choco-covered sweets)
  8. Edmonds (baking products)
  9. Heinz Wattie's (foods)
  10. L&P Lemon & Paeroa (soft drink)
According to the Reputation Institute, the top brands in Canada are also well established--and, interestingly, local brand Tim Horton's is #10, while global fave Apple is way down the list at #27:
  1. Disney (entertainment)
  2. LEGO (toys)
  3. Johnson & Johnson (health)
  4. Rolex (luxury watches)
  5. Nestle (foods)
  6. Microsoft (software)
  7. Google (you know)
  8. BMW (autos)
  9. Sony (electronics)
  10. Tim Horton's (restaurants)
According to Millward Brown, the top 10 most valuable local brands in China are:
  1. China Mobile (telecom)
  2. ICBC (banking)
  3. China Construction Bank (banking)
  4. Baidu (tech)
  5. Tencent (tech)
  6. Agricultural Bank of China (banking)
  7. China Life (insurance)
  8. Bank of China (banking)
  9. Moutai Baijiu (alcoholic beverages)
  10. Sinodec (petrol/gas)