Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Tesco, Hudl and multichannel marketing

Now that Tesco is out of its disastrous Fresh & Easy US convenience store chain, the UK retail giant is (like every smart retailer) focusing on multichannel marketing strategy. It's also thinking global and looking beyond retailing to enhance relationships with consumers.
  • Tesco has been introducing drive-through grocery pickup at select locations. Shoppers log onto the Tesco website to buy, indicate a two-hour window for pickup and then collect their groceries from the store or pickup location of their choice.
  • Supporting its online grocery sales, Tesco has opened its sixth warehouse for picking and packing customer orders.
  • Tesco is getting good reviews for its Hudl budget-priced tablet computer (right), and plans a new model this year. Putting the spotlight on tech updates the retailer's image and reinforces its commitment to multichannel marketing. It also helps Tesco compete against Asda, which has its own Lifetab tablet.
  • Tesco is moving ahead in India, a continuation of its partnership with Tata that began in 2008, to build sales and gain experience in this unusual retail environment.
  • Years after launching Tesco Bank, the company has begun offering a current account, which in combination with its mortgage offerings will raise the firm's profile and attract new interest. Especially with the "easy switch" banking rules now in effect, Tesco Bank sees new opportunity to deepen its relationships with consumers who shop in its stores.