Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Inside the fad for loop looms

The original Rainbow Loom was invented by an entrepreneurial father whose preteen children enjoyed weaving bracelets from rubber bands. The loop loom fad burst onto the US scene and became a surprise hit, supported by 'the social network of the playground'--meaning children seeing other children wearing or making loop bracelets.

The Rainbow Loom YouTube channel helped buyers learn to make all kinds of ornamental items. Each video has more than 2 million views at this point. Rainbow Loom won 2014 Toy of the Year in the US, and its FB page has more than 100,000 likes. Its Instagram page, where customers upload photos of their creations, has 35,000 followers. In short, Rainbow Loom is savvy in social media marketing.

The US craft retailer Michael's was so successful in selling Rainbow Looms that the product (loom and bands) accounted for $4 million worth of sales (£ 2.3 million) in only 6 months.

Now the fad has crossed the Atlantic as high-profile personalities are photographed wearing loop bracelets and media outlets spread the word. How long will the fad last in UK markets?