Friday, 22 August 2014

What's New at Pret a Manger and Itsu - Marketing

Pret a Manger is nearing its 30th anniversary, with expansion on its marketing menu to drive future profits. Rather than grow through franchising, Pret opens new company-owned stores in selected locations to maintain control of the fresh-food quality and the positive customer experience. Soon to open are new Pret stores in Shanghai, as well as in France, the US and of course, the UK.

Knowing that many consumers use their mobiles to search out convenient places for take-away, Pret (like many marketers) has a special site that looks good on the smaller screen for effective mobile marketing. In addition, it offers an app for customer convenience in finding the nearest location or checking the day's soup specials.

Founder Julian Metcalfe is also expanding Itsu, an Asian restaurant chain with dozens of locations (see its London news on Facebook here). Itsu doesn't offer breakfast but gets busy for lunch and dinner. It also has an online grocery division and some Itsu-branded foods are available in Boots, Tesco and other retail outlets. Good for the brand recognition and for expansion beyond company-owned locations.

Pret a Manger is established in US markets; will Itsu open across the pond, as well?