Thursday, 28 August 2014

Finally, a Ford Mustang for Global Markets

This is the Mustang's 50th anniversary year, and finally Ford is prepping its first truly global version--complete with right-hand drive. The iconic pony car's 'sixth generation' model will soon be driving into 25 international markets (including the United Kingdom, Australia and South Africa) where cars are driven on the left.

Despite Ford's long history of international marketing, this will be the first time the car company creates a right-hand drive version of its Detroit-made Mustang. The all-American 'muscle car' styling (including a convertible version, above) plus the functionality of right-hand drive is expected to boost demand for the Mustang.

Now UK buyers won't have to pay to convert the steering wheel to the right when they buy a new Mustang. Not surprisingly, 500 Mustangs were reportedly reserved in the first 30 seconds after the new version was offered to European buyers.

Another interesting feature was recently reported: The new Euro Mustang will be equipped with a special button (really an app) that lets drivers 'do a burnout', in the spirit of muscle cars.