Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Core values of the Warburtons brand

Family-owned Warburtons has been named to two 'top grocery brands' lists in recent weeks, due to its positive brand associations and rapid growth.

  • Kantar Worldpanel put Warburtons at the top of the list because it is chosen so frequently by so many UK households--and because of its product innovations.
  • The Grocer put Warburtons #2 in its most recent brand listing (just behind Coca-Cola), in part because of the huge sales expansion it has experienced.

The company's turnover has doubled in the last ten years and continues to grow because of new product lines and product variations. It's aiming to capture market share via an expanding range of gluten-free products, for example.

Warburtons wants its brand to be associated with five core values: family, ambition, responsibility, quality and care. These values form the foundation for its marketing, including new product development and support for nonprofit causes. The family's name is on the business, and Warburtons works hard to maintain its brand leadership by applying the five core values every day.