Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Spanish ads, English straplines

Looking at a Car and Driver magazine from Spain, I noticed many ads feature English straplines (see arrows). This indicates a globalisation of promotional themes and a recognition that drivers welcome global brands and are willing to buy them locally.
  • At top left, Kia's strapline is "The Power to Surprise." That's the automotive brand's worldwide strapline.
  • Center top, GT's global strapline for Champiro tyres is "Experience the Performance."
  • Right at top, Mercedes Benz uses the strapline, "The best or nothing." 
  • Bottom left, BMW's ad includes the phrase "BMW EfficientDynamics," a reference to its earth-friendly lower emissions.
  • Bottom right, Ford's ad shows the strapline "Go further." This strapline appears on its website and other promotional elements.