Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Sainsbury thinks small

Now that Sainsbury is 140 years old, it's thinking small--as in expanding the number of small convenience shops it operates. The idea is to get shoppers in and out quickly when they need to pick up a few items on their way to do other things. Competitors are having success with convenience shops and Sainsbury sees room for more growth in this sector of the retail market.

Given the price of petrol, shoppers are watching their wallets and seeking out bargains wherever possible. Sainsbury's "coupons at till" programme offers targeted discounts, a plus for cost-conscious shoppers. Also, Sainsbury is emphasising its fresh foods and convenient locations in its marketing.

And, like competitors, Sainsbury offers online grocery shopping for consumers who prefer to buy with a click. Its online store is tying in with "football fever" by offering special buys for fan parties in the coming weeks. Stock up on crisps and soft drinks!